Go Blocks are a block system that teaches children about balance by building with irregular shapes. These irregular shapes are wooden blocks that are magnetic on all faces and have 4 wheels on 2 of the apposing sides. The magnets allow for the the blocks to be connected and stacked onto one another, and the wheels allow for movement. The idea behind this toy is for the child to explore and experiment with balance and properties of basic physics through play. The blocks are meant to be constructed into various groups and then pushed down a slide. The slide doubles as the toy packaging, once unfolded, can lay on top of existing furniture or stairs for playtime. The slide features undulating sections, speed bumps and obstacles which create distinct sounds that act as a form of measurement. For instance, if a group of blocks are pushed down the ramp and it stays intact until the third obstacle, then a child can recognize the structural difference between that group and another, which could only stay intact until the first or second obstacle. Overall, Go Blocks are self correcting and allow children to physically manipulate properties of balance and physics to get answers to their scientific questions through play.  (A Nick Richardson and Andrea Dombrowski project)
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